Sunday, 14 November 2010

Birds In Flight

Picture frame: Urban outfitters, Cat: Brick lane, Hello Kitty Purse: Ebay, Picure Mat: Ikea

Whats on my mind?
 About a year ago I went to a folk festival in the middle of a wildlife reserve, this was the first and only time I have ever won a raffle... I was embarrassingly proud & for my efforts I won a counting birds book by Alice Melvin.


I loved the pretty childlike images which were so different to the type of drawings I was doing at the time that it inspired to try something different... so I planned to do a bunch of bird Illustrations 'as I plan very well'- down side being that my execution is a bit patchy.

Finally I decide to pick my pencils back up a few weeks ago and carry on with what I'd started.. I hope to finish the collection by the start of the new year and when I get the chance I'd like to put some up to get an idea of what you think. Here's one that I actually managed to finish 

Artwork by Something Golden

Source: neamoscou

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